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Personal Training
A Personal Trainer is a coach, confidant, role model, educator and major source of motivation and encouragement. Whether you choose to see a Personal Trainer three times a week or once a month, the benefits of having a professional guide your workout program and provide feedback are the keys to achieving your physical fitness goals! Hire a Lake Park Swim & Fitness Certified Personal Trainer and you will: Stay Focused: An LPSF Personal Trainer will help you improve strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, or whatever personal health and fitness goals you have. Achieve a Healthy Body Weight: An LPSF Personal Trainer will help you develop strategies and set realistic goals for weight loss and maintenance that can be achieved over time.
Time Effectiveness: Lack of time is one of the biggest reasons people have for not exercising. An LPSF Personal Trainer will help create a program that maximizes the available time you have. Accountability: Knowing you have a scheduled appointment once or twice a week motivates you to show up. An appointment with an LPSF Personal Trainer will help you keep exercise in your daily schedule. Variety: Lack of variety in your exercise program can lead to boredom and a decrease in motivation to exercise. An LPSF Personal Trainer will help you by frequently changing your exercise routine while maintaining a focus on your health and fitness. Our experienced and certified Personal Trainers are available during all club operating hours to help you achieve your fitness goals using our state-of-the-art strength/weight room, treadmills, elliptical machines and bikes plus stability balls, bands, Bosu balls, jump ropes, kick-boxing bags and more. By concentrating on your individual goals and lifestyle, we can create a customized and efficient program to break through plateaus and take you to the next level of fitness. Contact us today to find out more about our Personal Training services.
Private Studio Training In addition to training in our weight room, our Trainers offer clients the option of private studio training. Our private studio is located just off weight room floor and can accommodate general training needs, but is specifically suited for Barre, TRX and even private yoga sessions. Our private studio is designed to address any client who may feel self conscious on the weight room floor, or simply wants zero distractions during their training sessions.